When I decided to start my own business, the one thing I knew is that I didn’t know anything about anything. So, I started meeting with as many successful entrepreneurs that would make time for me. I figured I would try to learn as much as possible from those who have braved this path before me.

The one thing that was mentioned to me repeatedly was the importance of product-market fit and taking the time to make sure it was right. Since my background is primarily product management and marketing I understood this point immediately but also began to understand the criticality of this for a new start-up.

What especially hit home was David Cumming’s recent blog post claiming, “If You Can Get 10 Happy Customers, You Can Get 100.” Even though he was referring to B2B services, he states, “Getting 10 unaffiliated customers that are passionate about a product is incredibly hard. Once achieved, entrepreneurs have a strong foundation in place and can get to 100 customers using the lessons learned and momentum.”

So, my new productivity app is currently in development. Even though it’s just an MVP (minimal viable product) including less than 10% of the features I had dreamed up and planned for, my goal is to find at least 10 unaffiliated, incredibly happy customers who LOVE the product.

I realize this is going to be incredibly difficult to achieve but at least it’s a goal and it’s a measurable first step.

Stay tuned to find out when my new app is available and perhaps, just maybe, you could be one of my first 10 incredibly happy customers.



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