Three months ago I quit my corporate job to start my own business. During this time, I have come to recognize some of the enormous benefits of entrepreneurship that I was unaware of while in the corporate world.


Instead of reading hundreds of email messages each day, I now have the time to read books and have been able to finish at least one book each week. I have dived deeply into reading productivity books but also some fiction as well. In addition to learning a lot, reading is also insightful, stimulating and relaxing.


Writing emails, status reports or PowerPoint decks is mind-numbing and pretty much worthless in the long run. But through my blog posts and content marketing efforts, I have been able to capture and summarize ideas and concepts that are substantive and hopefully thought-provoking.


With the help of my good friends at TenRocket, I was able to define, develop and launch my new task management app, priorigami: the art of productivity in the iTunes App Store in about a month. It’s simply amazing to see how quickly you can create and innovate when you aren’t designing or deciding by committee.


While most of my days were spent sitting in various meetings, I now prioritize taking a walk in nature. This time has cleared my mind and provided some of the most powerful opportunities to think clearly. I never realized how much I missed having the time, the quiet and the ability to just think.


In this short amount of time, I have a long list of things I have been able to do that I didn’t think I could do by myself. I obtained all of the necessary business licenses and numbers, launched my own Web site and blog, and I even figured out how to redirect my domain by updating the DNS entries — I used to have Ops people who did that kind of stuff for me. I have always said that there’s nothing more gratifying than accomplishing something you thought was impossible.

I am finally experiencing the pleasure of doing deep, meaningful work. So, what’s blocking your path?

One thought on “5 BIG Benefits of Entrepreneurship

  1. I agree, there nothing like moving about in your own domain, detached from the Corprate ties. But when the cash flow starts to depleat and your once again reaching for that next client, or there isn’t enough to pay i.e., health insurance, you once had inexpensively, being an entrepreneur becomes a bit of struggle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the ultimate high for those who have enough capital to launch their own business or manageable responsibilities (e.g. family, children, keeping up with home repairs, bills, debt etc). But you still need to answer to your own clients and have policies in place to carry through tasks etc. I’ve been a entrepreneur for quite some time, but now find myself needing to head back to Corprate to gain the cash flow and hopefully leave the worries behind and enjoy the time with family once again without the stress. If time allows it, theirs nothing wrong with freelancing in the evenings and becoming the new “intrapreneur” during the day.


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